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Embryo Package Auction
(19 Embryos)

                                                                                 Current Bid is:  $3000

Dear Fellow Producers,

Dad had 19 embryos in his tank.  He told me he had been selling pregnancies from them for $3000 to $5000 each. 
One of these matings is a half brother and sister.  Another of these females is a  688 daughter;  a heifer from her back on 243
would be hard to beat as far as genetics. The opportunities are endless.

Thank you for your interest.

Doug Fry


The rules of the auction are as follows:
Each bid is for  all 19 embryos.
The Opening Bid will be $500. Please make bids in increments of $25 or higher.
To make a bid, email Mark Carson and put  "Embryo Auction" in the subject line.  In your email, please state your bid, name and contact info.  Your bid (not your name) will be posted as
"The Current Bid" when received. 
The auction will last ten (10) days and end precisely at 8:00pm Central Time on Friday, October 19. 
Please submit questions regarding the embryos to Doug Fry.


Dam                 Sire    Number of Embryos

926       x         243       (5)

114/03 x          663       (3)

949       x         243       (6)

5338     x         418       (5)

Total = 19 embryos

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