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Bonsmara Semen

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The last bull dad (Gearld Fry) purchased was a Bonsmara.  Many of you will recognize the breed.  It is the breed that Dr. Jan Bonsma writes about in his book Man Must Measure. Dad's hope was to grow a large heard of Bonsmara cattle. He was never able to see that dream come true, however he was able to collect the bull before selling him.  

Bonsmara Bull
Click on picture for larger view

My plan is to use this bull extensively with the cattle I currently own. This bull represents 77 years of cattle study and knowledge. There is much about him that dad and I both thought  would be a great benefit to the cattle industry. This  bull's heritage is from the drought-filled conditions of South Africa. His progeny should thrive in any grass fed operation.    

Pecos at 40 days
Bonsmara Bull Calf - Pecos
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We have our first calf by this great sire from a half Devon cow. I see potential heard sire written all over him. He exhibits all the signs of tender meat.  He is strong throughout his top, very deep in his heart girth and wide in his shoulders. As dad would say "He looks like a bull from across the pasture."

The semen is for sale $100 per straw, 5 straw minimum.   
Twenty (20) straws & over is  $90 per unit .

To order semen, contact Mark Carson at 501-279-1230.

To discuss anything about the Bonsmara breed, contact Doug Fry at 501-593-5578.

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