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The best time to prepare for reproduction is in the selection process of replacement females. Reproduction is a genetic factor and you select for it.
  • Only keep heifers that were born in the first twenty-one days of the breeding cycle
  • Only keep heifers that began cycling by 8-10 months of age
  • Only keep heifers that have light birth weights
  • Only keep heifers that have wide rumps and a deep heart girth
Wide high rumps and reproduction go together. Deep heart girths provide for low maintenance. I want my cows to work 10 months (suck a calf) of the year for me.  This is the body type I have found to be highly successful and breed back on time.

You now have the proper phenotype for reproduction and low maintenance.   The next area to be addressed is balanced nuttition. The mineral box and a good supply of high quality forage, grass or hay are the two main ingredients. Minerals that contain elements of oxides are not biologically available enough to meet her demands.

The mineral box is an area where most of us do not have enough understanding.  It is most valuable in the health and reproduction of the cows and calves. All minerals I have ever dealt with have only a level for minimum maintenance. If our cows have been stressed by a hard winter or low quality forage or sickness, sometimes that stress requires the addition of some extra minerals for a period of time to reestablish health. If the needs are not met we can have a low pregnancy rate and it is not the fault of the cow. If the needs are not met, the calves can develop ecoli scours or be weak at birth while others maybe navel ill.  Some cows may retain placentas. It is important to have a good body score condition at calving. The body condition at calving is twice as important as at breeding.

I want my cows to have at least one month of green grass before delivering a calf. This is the cheapest way I have found to put condition on the cow.  If the cows are gaining condition at calving they should have their first estrus cycle around 35-40 days and be ready for conception by 80 days.

The next thing, and is of equal importance is a proper semen analyses on your herd bulls. Bulls with less than 75% live properly formed motel sperm will leave some of your cows open even by the end of your breeding season. The bulls you use should get 75-80% of your cows pregnant in the first 21 days of the breeding season. This demands high fertility.

Bulls low in fertility are the number one reason for open cows and late calves.

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