Man Must Measure

Hello friends and fellow cattlemen/women,  A long-awaited blessing has finally happened. The Bonsma family of South Africa has republished the book
Man Must Measure and made it available for purchase. I have become a supplier for America.  I also have the Bonsma Lectures for sale.Each of the books is $45.00 plus $5.00 packing and shipping in the USA. Outside of America the postage will be different.

Bonsma Lectures

...Is now available.   Cost is $45.00 plus shipping & handling

Reproduction -  Low Maintenance -  Linear Measuring

 by Gearld Fry
This book is by Gearld Fry and has a complete guide on how to linear measure and evaluate your bulls and cows. How to select for early maturity and low maintenance.  The booklet also carries a computer program that gives all of the values of your cow or bull. This book is a must if you want a standard for assessments of each animal individually.  The book and program cost is $40.00 plus shipping & handling.

Herd Bull Fertility

by James Drayson

This is a book by James Drayson and his 35 years of measuring bulls from a fertility standpoint. He followed 1500 bulls from birth to death and recorded findings in bulls that is unequaled by any other researcher. You will know if a bull is fertile before the semen test. This book is a must for the cattle person choosing a bull for his breeding program.  Cost is $35.00 plus shipping & handling.


Reproduction and Animal Health - Gearld Fry & Charles Walters

Reproduction & Animal Health
How to Select, Breed and Manage a Herd for Health and Performance on Grass
By Gearld Fry and Charles Walters

This book represents the combined experience and wisdom of two leaders in sustainable cattle production.  Gearld Fry offers a lifetime of practical experience seasoned by study and observation and observation.  Charles Walters editor of "Acres USA" magizine, draws on his own observations as well as interviews with thousands of eco-farmers over the past four decades.  The result is an insightful book that is practical in the extreme, yet eminently readable.  Cost is $35.00 plus shipping & handling.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to “read” an animal
  • What linear measurement is
  • Why linear measuring selects ideal breeding stock
  • The nuances of bull fertility
  • The strengths of classic cattle breeds
  • The role of pastures
  • The mineral diets role in health

hipping on all books is $5.00 for the first books and $1.00 for each additional book.