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Cowboy Wisdom No 46
Open Cows and Embryonic Death

Dear cattle producers,

The past few weeks I have shared with you many things concerning the herd bull fertility and his responsibility in the herd. Started with Herd Bull is an Investment. Those ideas were to try to get you to think and manage for your-self and not depend on any-body for your final answerer concerning your herd bulls responsibility and ability to move your herd forward and to have a 95% calf crop from your cow herd in 45 days.

As you have heard me say many times the open cows and the stretched out calving season is not a cow problem. We have sold open cows all my 73 years. After that many years all the reproductive problems have been consumed by the consumer. We had a 70% calving rate when I started this 40 years back and we still have a 70 % calving rate today. I mean cows that calve each 12 month. 30% of cows have a calf in 14-16 month intervals. This is not sustainable.

I have tried to show you how the quality of semen present in almost all of the bulls is sub standard for getting cows pregnant and maintaining the pregnancy. Yes the quality/strength of the sperm cell is vital in maintaining that pregnancy. The irregularity (shape/hypoplasia) of the testicles is a major problem in semen quality and the industry.  I have sent you 3 research papers (from university study) that explain some of the major obstacles with the bull and pregnancy and retention and selection criteria. The research paper I send you today should cause you to take serious notice of what is happening.

(See the Research Paper Here)

Because of my involvement with bulls and semen the past 40 years I have an understanding of what is happening that causes open cows. The  fertility check for bulls is sub-standard, the article today proves that. There are a few semen testers who will be honest and I applaud them, however many pass bulls that should be failed. Most of the frozen semen is also sub standard. Yes, 70% motel semen will freeze but leaves cows open. We don't know how A I (frozen semen) with no seminal fluid affects pregnancy rates. Please ask yourself the question, "why do I need one bull for each 25-30 cows and part of those are left open."

I don't make these comments to offend any person. It is time we, as food producers, remember who we serve. It is the consumer and their "HIL" food begins with us, the producer. When we use inferior bulls we hurt the consumer and for sure receive a reduced price for the grass that grows on our farms.

I welcome your response or dialogue.

Blessings to each of you,

Gearld Fry
501 454 3252
Steve Campbell