This picture of Hermon was made at 10 years old.     


This picture of Hermon was made at 10 years old.
Hermon is the result of a specially planned breeding program.  Herman is 90% free of any heterosis effect. When bred to commercial cows you would get the highest amount of accelerated growth because of the concentration of paternal genetics in his genetic makeup.

Lodge is the father of Hermon’s mother and father. Hermon’s father is a full brother to his mother (brother-sister mating). Therefore, Hermon is heavy on the paternal side just as his grandfather, Lodge, was. That is the reason Lodge was the greatest Aberdeen Angus bull America has ever possessed.

The herd Hermon evolved from averages around 70% carcass yield, the average in America is 58%. This kind of carcass yield will be very profitable for the direct marketer.

Hermon will also downsize your large framed cows.

Take a look at Hermon’s DNA tenderness score -0.34, the greater the minus, the more tender the meat.  If you like the Angus breed, this Aberdeen Angus bull is for you.

Reproductively, Hermon possesses semen in the 90% live range with no more than 10% total abnormal.   The semen concentration of Herman is in the billions. By James Drason’s standards, he is an optimal breeding bull.

Hermon will advance your herd to a new level in all categories. You don't have to be a geneticist with Hermon; his genetic strength will do your work for you. All you need to be concerned about is good grass so the calves can grow.

                                          This is a picture of Hermon's mother