Bovine Engineering & Consulting - Gearld Fry


Paw-Paw 1961

The cost of purchasing a bull = $2,500
The cost of maintaining a bull a year = $400
The average bull is put out with 25 cows a year.
The average bull gets 22 of those cows pregnant.
The average bull stays breeds cows three seasons.
The average bull produces 66 calves in that 3 years.
The $2,500 purchase plus $400 a year maintenance is a $3,700 expense.
$3,700 divided by 66 = $56.00
The calves you produce from purchased bulls cost more than the price of Artifical Insimination.
The semen from these bulls is total grass genetics, the carcasses will be of a quality you are not familuar with.
The carcasses will be in the 65% range. That is a 5% increase above the average in meat production. 5% is an extra 30 pounds of salable meat per carcass.