Bovine Engineering & Consulting - Gearld Fry

Note the dark hair on the lower neck. This represents the thymus gland activity.

The thymus gland represents good immune function. Note the deep sheen/shine of the hair coat. this represents a very active immune response. These kind of cows do not get sick nor do their calves. If I look at a cow/bull to purchase this is the very first thing I look for. If I cant see a large thymus whorl I am not interested in purchasing the animal. The thymus gland gives the white blood cells their marching orders. If the hair coat and the thymus gland are not visible then the animal is susceptible to the stresses and diseases that plague our industry.

In the dairies that feed a lot of starchy supplements the hair is short and maybe a little sheen, however the thymus and other glands are not very often visible. The sebaceous fluid is not healthy in the grain-fed cows.